FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Updates for 4/28/18: Weapons…hm…

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The truth was, Jill only had weapons similar to the ones we found in her go-closet, back in that apartment building. So, pop-guns compared to the guns those thugs had. Basically useless against anything in their arsenal. I didn’t like the idea of trying to outshoot them anyway. I mean, I’m a temp, not a soldier.

“What, all those years of gaming didn’t turn you into a sharpshooter?” KJ asked sarcastically.

“If only guns worked the same way as game controllers,” I said.

“Or if anything paranoid parents said about violent video games making us more violent was true,” Kate said.

“Fine, you want to go in unarmed? How do you expect to save Wise and not die?!?” Jill seemed frustrated with me.

“I just feel like there must be another way.  I just don’t want to kill anyone,” I said, suddenly realizing something and adding: “Again, apparently…”

“Did you notice anything about these thugs?” Jim said. “Specifically, anything that looked like a weakness?”

“No, not really. I really don’t remember anything about them beyond they had white-ish armor on that was pretty slim to their body.

“But did they have eyes?” Jim asked.

“Uh, yeah. Of course they had eyes.”

“Then we will use that against them.”

“How?” KJ asked.

“Here. Take these,” Jim said holding out a pair of glasses to me. I stupidly tried to take them but, once again, they were hologramatic, and my hand passed through them.

“Gah! JIM! What are you doing?!?”

Jim chortled. “Sorry, I forgot how little you flesh bags enjoy being made to look stupid.”