FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Updates for 4/30/18: Why We Rush

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“I think I can come up with some cold-weather clothes for you,” Jim said.

“You mean print out clothing?” KJ sounded dubious.

“Of course.” Jim sounded pretty sure of himself for a hologram… not that I had any experience with AI holograms.

“Just never heard of printing out clothes before,” KJ said.

“Dude—how do you not know about 3-D printing clothes? Dita Von Teese famously wore a 3-D printed dress like five years ago or something at this convention I read about.” Kate referenced something I remembered vaguely. “Isn’t Von Teese a burlesque model?”

“Jake are you serious?”

“You should google that,” I said.

“I should google that.”

“So, yes I can pretty much design anything, in theory.”

“Cool, so do it,” I said.

“How long will it take, though?” Kate asked sounding concerned.

“Well, a few hours at least.”

“Oh, come on, man! That’s not gonna work.”

“What? Why? What’s the rush?” Jim said.

“Just because our friend is quantumly paused doesn’t mean we want to leave him that way while he’s feeling pain,” Kate said.

“Yeah, man, I just want to get him safe,” I said.

“Dig it,” KJ added awkwardly.

“I don’t—“ Jim paused, cocking his head to the left, clearly puzzled by our attitude.

“Jim, j-j-just reference this under ‘humans’,” Jill said.

“Ohhhhhhh,” he said sounding like he understood everything suddenly.

“Just get working on your design, Jim, I take Jake and the gang upstairs to see if we can find some warm clothes in any of the other closets.

Now Jill says she had nothing to do with building this structure and after seeing in the closets in some of the other, disused (at least recently), it’s obvious this place was build by people from long ago.