FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Updates for 5/10/18: Ch-ch-ch-changes… in my ‘small cells’.

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Dr. Green looked suspicious of my words by way of Surin’s words as he translated what I’d just said.  She said something very declarative and then went on a small rant filled with declarative statements until I couldn’t help myself but ask Surin, “What’s she saying?”

“She’s upset, uhhh, confused.”

I resisted getting snarky and just asked again: “What is she saying?”

“She says it not possible you Conva.  Small cells in you all wrong.”

“Small… you mean cells like biological cells?”

“Yes, small things all life made up of them but smaller.  Small cells inside of cells.”


“I do not know this word.”

I looked to Green waved, trying to get her to calm down as she frantically swiped around the touch screen on the wall next to my bed.  She turned to me as a hologram of a double helix appeared floating in front of us.  I was pretty sure that it was that same thing Jill and Jim had shown me back at Nowhere House.  It was my DNA and it had somehow been changed.

“Tell her, I’m aware that my DNA does not match a normal human a normal Earthling, but—” what was I doing?  Surin couldn’t translate such a complex sentence.  I started over.  “Surin, tell her I know my small cells are different but tell her I am from this space not another.”
I watched as Surin translated.  Green, pointed to several places on my holo-DNA and then gestured to me, while looking at Surin. 

“She say Jacob’s small cells prove you not from this space. She say you half from other space.”

I laughed.  “Tell her I am from a place called ‘the tri-state area.  New York City and New Jersey and that’s on Earth—a planet you said you’ve been to!”

“Yes! I know New York City.  Pretty place.”
“Yes, does she know New York City?”

Surin stared at me for a moment, then looked to Green, and began talking.  She shook her head but then stopped. 
“Noo Yawk City,” she said with a vague look of recognition.  She then spoke some more and Surin turned to me and said: “She been there as child!  She know where you from!”
I thought about showing her some photos on my phone, but then I remembered the battery was dead and back at Nowhere House.  Why didn’t I charge that thing and bring it with me? 
“Sawdeez,” Green said suddenly, following it with other words.
“She ask if you know place called Sawdeez. It food place.  Pictures, uh, faces, on walls.”
“Sardi’s!” I said.  She smiled and looked quite pleased I knew of the restaurant she was 

talking about.  “I know it!  Been there once.  Neat place. Famous Earthers eat there.”
“Ohhhh,” Surin said, looking at me in awe for a moment.  He turned to Green and translated.  Her eyes widened. 

“Ehhh?” she said, sounding a bit impressed, too.  She then hesitated and started speaking very quickly at Surin who immediately struggled to keep up.  They started arguing mildly back and forth but finally Surin turned to me and spoke. “She want to know what you are.  Small cells like her and small cells like Conva, but if you from Noo Yawk City then how you have strange small cells?  She say more but I not know right words.”

“Tell her, it is a long story, but I can try to tell it.”