FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Updates for 5/24/18: My Life in a Conva Prison

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The cell they had me in back in the Fire Escape dimension was a white box with no windows or doors or chairs or a bed. How did I get in without a door? Well, physics seemed to be a little different here in the FED. A door way just materialized and I was politely shoved through it.

I say “politely” shoved because, when I didn’t immediately step through the magic doorway, the Conva guard immediately pushed me through it saying something with a tone of voice that sounded glibly apologetic and then followed it with a nod.

After that the door dematerialized—or, I guess, the wall rematerialized where the doorway had been and I was trapped.  I felt the floor underneath my feet was a little unstable. It felt like I was standing on a cushion. I walked to the wall that was opposite the wall where the doorway had appeared leaned against it and discovered it felt like a cushion, as well. After a moment I put my back against it and slid down until I was sitting on the floor. My butt sank into the cushiony floor a bit as I tried to remember exactly where the doorway had appeared in that wall directly opposite me.

After a minute or two of trying, I took several deep breaths and realized that, since all the walls were identical, if I got even slightly disoriented in here I wouldn’t be able to be sure where the doorway had been.

I took one final deep breath and sighed.

“What the hell am I going to so to pass the time in here?” I asked myself. My Conva captors had left me in my civilian clothes and with all of my belongings. I bet the Accessory would have been taken from me if I still had it.

Without thinking, I reached in my pocket and found the worry stone. I pulled it out and fiddled with it, wondering if it would work so far away from its mothership. It didn’t. None of the gestures I use on it made it do anything. Figures…

I started tossing it into the air and catching it as my mind began to wander and wonder just how Dr. Green was getting on with the Accessory. Well, you already know the answer: pretty well.

As it turned out, she was able to come up with a coating, almost like nail polish only for her finger tips, that was infused with my “small cells.”

It also turned out that after she put Surin on a transport back to his home planet, she took several days, or whatever passes for days on an asteroid with no sun, to work out how the Accessory worked. Finally, late one night, while her skin was light pink, making her look human, she used the Accessory to take her to Nowhere House.