FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Updates for 5/5/18: And Things Go Pretty Much Wrong

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I did not have a moment to think about what my next move would be.  That circle of almost perfectly transparent wall ended up being about 3 inches thick and my feet were tangled in the sheet I was still wearing as a toga.  Not that I noticed this.  

Regardless, instinctively, I got into a push-up position and thrust my back toward the APT wall and hoped my back was strong enough to stop it. I felt a shot of pain flash through me as the APT landed on my back.  It was then that I noticed the toes of my right foot tangled up in a corner of the bed sheet. After that I realized that the circle of APT was actually on the heavy side.  I quickly slid myself out from under it, feeling sharp pains in my back and a cold breeze everywhere else as I did.  

Once I was clear of the APT, I realized I was standing stark naked.  My mind immediately focused on my clothes.  Just as I turned to look at them, I saw several people outside my cell staring in at me. I was naked.  It’s one of my most uncomfortable states, so, naturally, I dashed for my clothes even though there were already armed guards moving down the hallway.   As I pulled on my underwear and then my clothes, they entered, rifles aimed at me and the hole in the APT wall.

I was pretty sure I had just made things much much worse.

The armed guards were polite enough to let me finish putting on my clothes.  However, as I put on my shirt, I could feel a lot of pain in different parts of my back.  I held out my right hand towards the guys with the guns as I used my left hand to steady myself as I slid back onto my bed.

“It’s OK, guys, I’m not going anywhere.”