FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Updates for 5/6/18: Losing Wise

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As I sat down on the bed, I heard them speaking in whatever language they spoke and assumed it was about me and the damage I’d just done.

Then I remembered the Accessory which I think I dropped while getting out from under that APT. One of the guards had already picked it up and was showing it to the guard right in front of me. As they spoke rapidly back and forth, I found my glasses in my hoodie pocket and put them on. I then launched my hands out, touching the surface of the Accessory just long enough to activate the flashlight which still had the brightness set to high.

The room was filled with light and while the thugs that grabbed Wise and I seemed to adapt to it quickly, these aliens didn’t.

I yanked the Accessory from the guard, tucked it under my left arm like a football and jumped to my feet. As I hit the floor, sharp pangs of pain danced across my back. I ignored them as I made like a linebacker (or whatever they’re called, I don’t follow football) and ran through the guards shoving them away from me as I ran toward the the hole in the APT wall.
I jumped through it and as I could hear random electronic guns firing behind me, I madly undid the straps holding Wise to his bed. “Keep your eyes closed, man!”

“What are you doing?” he said, his voice sounding tired and defeated.

“I’m getting you out of here!”

“I told you—you need to find a way to kill m—“ he was interrupted by those guns firing again.  His eyes still closed, Wise turned his head toward the sound of the guns and said “This is fine.”

As a guard with some sort of protective eyewear on stepped through the hole I’d made in the wall, Wise slid from the crucifix-shaped bed and raced at the guard, forcing the guard to shoot him at point-blank range.

Wise’s body slumped to the floor. Before I could think I was at his side cradling his body. I had let go of the Accessory causing it to power down.