FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Updates for 5/7/18: Into a Slightly Less Warm Frying Pan…

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I didn’t know how to feel. Wise had told me to find a way to kill him but he never said why. I’d never been tortured so I had no idea what he’d gone through, but I didn’t want to see him die. Then again, is there a point to living if your life is just physical pain and suffering?

These are the thoughts that circled in my head for what I guessed was about two days. Both my smart watch and my smart phone had run out of battery by now, obviously. And unsurprisingly, they didn’t have compatible electrical outlets for me to plug into in my new cell, which was basically like my old cell but without the APT walls. Though, I discovered that the “APT” part was just a mode and that my walls could be made APT if someone had the right access permissions to the right console.

So, they moved me to that new cell—this time taking my clothes and my gear from me. My gear consisted of my watch, phone, charging cables for both and a power adapter. Yep, I was naked again with nothing to do but lie in bed, stare at the ceiling, and mourn the death of my friend (?).

Oh they did fix my back. That was nice of them. They also kept me fed, which was also nice of them. Not sure what the heck the stuff was that I was eating. Each meal was literally a tray with little depressions in it filled with a different color pudding. It wasn’t literally pudding but that’s the closest description to this stuff that I could think of at the time. The puddings were a mix of good and bad. I ate them all because I just assumed I needed the calories.

They never made it clear what I was being held there for. Of course, they could not speak my language and they couldn’t speak mine either, so, I could only blame them so much.

I mean, surely pantomime would have worked. You know, acting it out?