FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Updates for 5/8/18: Finally Making a Friend

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For people keeping me prisoner, they were treating me pretty well. After a couple days of this they started doing medical exams on me. They kept me naked for the scans but were weirdly, humanely really, respectful of my privacy and always but up screens so they couldn’t see not just my naughty bits—but also most of my naked body. After a couple more days, I was left with this one light green doctor (?) whom I took to be a woman because she had boobs and long hair but who knows if those are the same thing in whatever alien culture she was from?  She seemed to be redoing tests that’d already been performed. Then, after she ran out of tests, she would just sit with me, sometimes trying to explain things to me in her language.  She’d then act impatient and start speaking to me very loudly as though I was hard of hearing. I’d immediately respond by raising my voice and saying: “I CAN HEAR YOU. I CAN’T UNDERSTAND YOU.”

She’d then awkwardly smile at me but then get impatient again.  It was almost like she didn’t know what to do with me.

Finally, on what I think was day five or six, she brought with her a young alien man with violet skin and bandages all over him. She had him sit in her usual chair and said something to him that sounded polite enough. He looked from the floor to her and back. She then spoke very loudly and I swear I recognized a word she said—it was “Earth.”

He then spoke. Timidly at first.

“You from Earth?” he asked.


The doctor had a look of accomplishment on her face as she repeated me: “YES!”
The violet alien and I looked to her with hesitation.  She then gestured with her hands for us to continue.

“I know Earth words, some.”

“Good! Thank you!” I said.  His voice sounded not just uncertain but weak.

“My name is Jacob.”

He nodded and said “Ah! My name is Surin.”

“Nice to meet you, Surin!” I couldn’t help but smile at him because not only was I actually interacting verbally with someone successfully for the first time in several days but, by the sweet smile he reflected back at me, it was clear the guy needed a friend. Oh and then there was the fact that he was an alien and I was talking to him.  Yeah, that was pretty cool, too.