FIRE ESCAPE news update! Still Writing! About to be Posting again, too! UPDATE

So, toward the end of July, things got pretty hectic in my personal life.  Had a visit to family, lost work because of it, and for some reason I can’t stop following the news every day, which just adds even more stress to my life.  And while I stopped my daily fiction posts a few weeks ago, I never stopped writing.  The good news is, I’m about to start posting up dates again.  The official PDF will be updated first with all the words I’ve written since July 24, 2018.  As of this post, the update hasn’t happened, but it’s coming today for sure.  Tomorrow, daily first draft updates will begin and continue as best as I can for the rest of the year.  Hopefully, I’ll finish before 2019 begins.  If I do, I’ll write something else.  I hope you’ve been missing these posts!!  Please let me know what you think of things so far.

Thanks for following along!

-Pete Nicholls

UPDATE: The PDF is now up to date with the latest words!  Download it now!