FIRE ESCAPE UPDATE for 8/22/18: What Happened to the Seaside Village?

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“How do I do that?”

“I made it easy but not obvious. When you get to the main menu, have your left hand mirror your right.”

“Put my left hand on the Accessory the same way my right hand is on it. Seems easy enough.”

“Good luck, little brother.”

“Thanks, sis!” I barely got out the word “sis” when she hugged me tight.

“KJ how long with this ‘one last look’ be?” I asked, adding: “Because I am going to time it.”

“Thirty seconds is all I need.”

“Alright—gonna hold you to that.”

“I know.”

“And it’s gonna be through the window not through outside.”

“I can make that work,” KJ said after a short moment of thought.

“We ready?”

Dot, Wing, KJ, and Kate all replied at once.

“Good luck!” Green called out.

“Thanks!” I said as I activated the Fire Escape and we passed through it.

Once again, we appeared in the Hub, still met with the eerie silence from no one using it. KJ went straight over to the nearest window on the ocean side and fired his rifle at it, shattering the glass(?). He looked out the window.

“Thirty seconds and counting, Kage!” I said.

“I—“ KJ suddenly went silent. I looked over at him—I wasn’t really going to hold him to that thirty seconds, but as it turned out he wasn’t going to need it.

“Oh no…” Wing said, racing to the window. The collapse has begun. I joined them at the window and saw what they saw—reality itself seemed to be curving in on itself with the Eternal Ocean already in a kind of maelstrom sucked down a drain while being looked at through a fish-eye lens. The village was visible—well, the pieces were—debris from the buildings and houses that crumbled spread upward toward the maelstrom as though it was on invisible conveyor belts.

The sight filled me with panic.

“We have to go.”

I moved from the window when Wing stopped me.

“No! Look!”

I turned back and saw nothing new but did manage to feel even more panicked.