FROM SPACE 1st Draft Update for 9/14/18: What kind of person CHOOSES to live on Earth?

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“I don’t know why I want to believe you.”
“I’m surprised you are, honestly.  Most people from this planet are either stupid or cynical beyond measure.  It’s why only a certain kind of being willingly comes here.”
“What do you mean?” 
“Your planet is a tiny little piece of wet rock in the middle of nowhere.  You know, there’s a spacelane that has a scenic waypoint that is one of the most stunning views in all of the galaxy.”
“OK… and?”
“In your language it would be called the Hermosa Vista De La Galaxia.”
“Yeah, that’s Spanish, actually,” she said.  “I speak English.”
“Ah, yeah, sorry, must have had my translator app set to the wrong language when I looked that up.”  I slid my finger around the ring tattoo on my palm and found the memory in English.  “Beautiful View of the Galaxy.  Hm. I think it sounds nicer in Spanish.  Anyway, so, if you focus in one on of the most inconsequential corners of this view with your megagoggles, you’ll see a tiny little blue–“
“Oh yeah, the pale blue dot.”
“You’ve seen it?”
“In person?!”
“No!  It’s in a space documentary I saw once.”
“Oh, well, that’s how small and inconsequential this planet is. A trillion beings over a billion years took snaps of that view and never noticed this little planet here, teeming with lifeforms mostly in only survival, but one species interested in power and oppression of all others.”
“You’re talking about Earth men, right?”
“I suppose I am.”
“Oh, what am I doing?!? You’re crazy, you know that?”
“Am I crazy? Then why are you oozing green?” I pointed at some around her left eye.  She self-consciously dabbed at it with her finger and then pulled out one of those tissue things and dabbed it away.
“This doesn’t–this–your explanation does not have to be the only explanation!”
“What do you mean?”
“Just because I ooze this goo, doesn’t mean that the first explanation I hear, which happens to come from a kind of goofy woman who just randomly showed up at my apartment one night for a weird gizmo, doesn’t mean that said first explanation has to be right!”
“Well, let’s take this gizmo.  Any idea what it is?” I held it out to her.  She shook her head. “Take a guess.”
“You said it was a space carburetor.”
“No, I said it was LIKE a carburetor.”
“I don’t… even know what a carburetor is.”
“How did you know what to hand me?”
“I didn’t. It was the only thing my mother left me.  And hey, how did you find me here?”
“Your mother has a storage shed outside of town.  She paid for it waaaaay in advance.”
“She what?”
“It’s full of a bunch of old stuff.  You might want to claim it if you don’t have much else from her.”
“I have almost nothing. That space carburetor is the only thing she or dad left me that I couldn’t figure out.”