FROM SPACE 1st Draft Update for 9/17/18: Where Wise’s Nights are Spent May Surprise You

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So, I left her to eat and sleep and went back to the shelter I was staying at while in town. I’m about entirely sure that the manager of the place worked there the last time I was here. Or maybe he was there the next time I visit? Hard to keep all this straight. 
This is the one problem with traveling without your own ship.
The food at these places isn’t as bad as you’d expect. Of course, my taste buds are different every time so some times the food is worse than other times.
I’ve learned over time to just roll with the punches when it comes to what my life has become.
Minutes after dinner, I found my cot and went to sleep.  That body slept well.  I woke to a call from Sarah.  She was ready to head over to the storage unit when if I was.
I sniffed at my armpits and realized I should probably shower.  There was a shower at the shelter, but I decided to not bother for security reasons.  Minutes later, I was back at Sarah’s.  With a bag of clothes that fit me.  I’d managed to procure them along with a bag for just this kind of situation.  
“I hate to impose, but could I use your shower?”
“Oh, uh, sure. Do you not, uh, does yours not…”
“Thanks, I appreciate it!”
Twenty minutes later we we showered, or at least I was showered, and we were on the road.  Where we stopped for a fast food breakfast.
With the taste of those delicious Earth fries still in my mouth, we entered the lobby of the storage facility off of a highway in New Jersey.