FROM SPACE 1st Draft Update for 9/19/18: Exploring the Mysterious Unit

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“Or maybe some of it is from Earth.  You guys have some impressive tech from here.”
“What like the iPhone?”
“I’ve seen those. They seem pretty neat.”
“Where do you think that space carburetor came from?” Sarah asked.
“Well, about a hundred Earth years ago, there was a factory on Kuraazi Prime that made them but that facility is long gone. Buuut it would have come from there.”
“Wow but, I meant what device would it have come off of?”
“Oh, any number of things. It mixes energy types. Some tech needs more than one at a time. Like how when you hu—when humans eat you can process vegetation or meat.”
“I do that, too, you know.”
“Yep, sorry. Most species of beings do. It’s just the human one was the only example that would make sense to you. If I had said that it was like Flapcorians eating both flapfora and flapskota, it probably wouldn’t explain much.”
“Aaaanyway…” Sarah said awkwardly.
I was beginning to think this body had some sort of social anxiety disorder.
As I was explaining all of this to her, I failed to notice that she had started digging around in the ‘tech from space’ section of the unit.  I did notice when I heard a loud “CLICK” sound and then the sound of some sort of engine or drive winding up to speed.
“Whoa, hey! Please don’t touch any buttons, switches, levers, or motion-sensitive air-spaces!!”  I put my left arm in front of her, shoved her back and then looked at one of the devices that was glowing–it was a few Earth-feet tall and shaped like a fender on an old Earth car.  I spotted what I was pretty sure was the power button and pressed it.  The glow got brighter and the whirring got louder. I scanned the unit and could not see any other buttons so I pressed the button again, only harder, and that caused the whirring sound to slow down and eventually stop, the glowing faded as quickly.
“I’m so sorry about that!” Sarah said.
“I’m sorry, I should have been paying attention to you.”
“But I shouldn’t have been pressing buttons.”
“I’m the one who should have been making sure you didn’t press any buttons.”
“Alright, you win. I still think I should have known better.”
I pushed the device that had lit up to an open corner of the unit so we would know we’d already checked it out.
“But I’m the one who has dealt with this stuff for a long time.”
“Can I have the space carburetor, please?” Sarah held out her hand to me.  I handed it to her immediately worried about what she was about to do with it.
“What are you going to…?”
“This thing…” she said pointing at another Earth-car-fender-looking thing that had an exposed bit of mechanicals.  In the mechanicals, there was a series of gears and and axel that stuck out awkwardly. She placed the space carburetor on the axel and I have to admit, the thing looked complete.
“Do you see a power button this thing anywhere?”
“No, not really,” I said, approaching the device.  She began running her hands over the surface of the fender.  Before I could say anything, her left hand passed over the top of the ‘fender’.  The moving parts in the mechanicals started to, well, move…
“No WAIT!” I said, as the light show began.