Last Week’s News w/@JayThePal for 6/3/17

Last Week’s News w/@JayThePal for 6/3/17 Jay the Pal is back with more news from last week!! Kim Jun-Un Vs Donald J Trump, the Dakota Access Pipeline, Republicans & hypocrisy, Trump Vs the Paris Agreement, Mike Pensive AND MORE in this week’s LAST WEEK’S NEWS with Jay the Pal, delivering NEWS from the Puppet Perspective to YOU! puppets, news, puppet news, Jay the Pal, Trump, Donald Trump, POTUS, Twitter, Russia, Putin, Funny Thing, trumping, Trumpfail, Trumpfails, gaslighting, White House, Dakota Access Pipeline, DAPL, NoDAPL, NoKo, North Korea, nukes, Paris Accord, Global Warming, Climate Change, Mike Pense
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