Welcome to NichollsPete.Com

This is where you can come to catch up on my life as a writer and cartoonist.  I’ve created a lot over my years on this blue orb (10+ novels, 5 screenplays, short stories, etc) and I suspect I’ll be creating a lot more.  I’m a pretty good storyteller and am pretty good at helping other storytellers tell better stories, too.

I live in New York City with my wife of 15 years and the ghosts of my two cats.  I’m a big gadget freak and may mention or even write about my Google Glass in this space, from time to time.  I have a pretty strong passion for Japan and have been studying the language for years, most recently, studying at the Japan Society.  If you’re considering classes, I highly recommend it!  I also recommend classes at the Japan Society, specifically, with Akai Sensei.  She’s got a wonderfully relaxed demeanor that really helped me relax and learn.

Please read my rants about writing in Hollywood on my writing blog, “Pete Saves Hollywood.”

Yes, it’s an ironic title as I lived in Los Angeles for 14 years and barely got noticed–but it wasn’t from a lack of trying.  And, as you’ll see on PSH, I am perfectly capable of saving Hollywood, if they’ll just let me.