Writing update: I actually wrote some fiction (and some other stuff)

So, I’m nearly through with the very first post for my “Saving Hollywood” blog. I’m psyched about that. What I’m more psyched about is that I actually just wrote about 1200 words in a new/old project that I’ve been wrestling with for years.

I think my main problem with it was that I couldn’t find characters interesting enough to make the story go. I’m not entirely sure I’ve done that yet, but I know my new lead is much more interesting to me than the last one. I have a feeling it may also be about structure. I love first person, probably too much. This story may need a third-person structure, but I want to give first-person one last try.

There’s just something about a first-person story that I prefer. When you’re reading one, it’s like you meet a new person without having to do the work. Plus, you can generally trust that person to not lie to you. There’s a lot of stability with a first-person perspective for the reader and also for the writer. As a writer, I get to climb into just one person’s head and interpret the fictional life around them instead of having to do that for every character who ever holds the perspective of a scene in an entire novel. Sure, I have to come up with realistic voices and motivations for other characters, too, but living inside of more than one character is hard work!

Plus, it guarantees I’ll get through the project. If I have one person “in charge” I can follow that person through until the end. No other character is going to derail things by going off in some other distracting corner of the story universe.

Aaanyway, I should wrap this up. It’s a Saturday night/Sunday morning as I type this and want to sneak in a movie before bed. I hadn’t planned to write any fiction tonight, but did. Which is a welcome thing. Writing fiction is my favorite thing in the world to do.